Innerspace Counselling Can we change our thoughts by changing our sensations

Can we change our thoughts by changing our sensations?

I remember at the beginning of the pandemic, I was glued to the news and reflected on how horrible it made me feel. I have since stopped watching the news. I do not live with my head in the sand, I am updated with what I need to know, I just do not need to …

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5 Tips to Living More Consciously 

Do you ever feel like you are missing a piece of your puzzle or that you are a puzzle piece trying to fit in another puzzle and feel frustrated and confused and the only thing reverberating in your mind is the Talking Heads song, ‘Once in a Lifetime?’… And you may ask yourself, “what is …

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5 Ways to improve your empathy skills

Just turn on the news and it is apparent that our world is suffering. The antidote to this “disease” is empathy. Empathy is the medicine the world needs now. So as the Dali Lama says, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” and make an intention to improve your empathy skills. WHAT …

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Are you addicted to overthinking?

What is addiction? Something you no longer have control over, it has control over you. Do you feel like you have full control over all your thoughts? Many of my client ask me how they can stop overthinking. My answer to that is, would you want your liver to stop functioning or your heart to …

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What’s Your Why?

There was an app my daughter used to have on her phone some years back called Wishbone.  It was a game that gives you opposite options and asks which one you would rather choose, for example, “if you could only have hot or only have cold water, which would you choose”? I was reminded of …

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Is this too Taboo for you?

There was a show I used to watch as a child called “The Littlest Hobbo”. It was a story of an Alsatian dog who had no home. Each week the story revolved around this brilliant canine finding his way into people’s lives, hearts and homes and helping them resolve whatever issue that was going on …

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R U Really, OK?

Today I write to you on R U OK day to reiterate a very important question. So many of us ask each other from such a habitual place and we have such an automatic response.  Hey how are you? Good, you? Or as some of my Australian friends go asking a question and answering it …

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The Power of Vulnerability I remember the day I truly understood the power of vulnerability.  It was 20 something years ago and I was in a mother’s group.  A scary place to be for a first-time mom.  I used to go there every week because I wanted to connect with other people. The early days of motherhood can …

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How Different Personalities Deal with Stress?

Think of a resilient person in your life.  It could be a family member, a friend or even a famous person.  Think about what it is about them that makes them resilient.  Do you think they were born like that?  Is it that some people are born resilient the same way we are born blonde …

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