“I have been seeing Hayley for over 6 months but it feels like I have known her for years. With her guidance and compassion I have been able to change my thought patterns and deal with the challenges in my life more calmly and see them through a different lens. Hayley never makes me feel judged nor scared but rather has taught me how to go into the world with confidence and resilience”
“My 12 year old daughter Lily really enjoyed the RESPECT WORKSHOP and came away with some very important strategies that she has applied and immensely benefited from. I would highly recommend this course to any mother with pre-teen and teenage girls”
“I was not looking forward to another talk that my company had organized about Mental Health, yet I went anyway and was so happy I did. Hayley presented her talk in a down to earth and engaging way. She applied real life scenarios, stories and analogies to back up the theory of her topic of resilience. The hour presentation flew by and I walked out feeling like I had been injected with a dose of inspiration and motivation. She shared some very insightful and practical tools that I hope to implement on a daily basis”.
“I came to see Hayley through a friend who recommended her to me. I was suicidal and lost. I had nothing spiritually, emotionally or materialistically. Hayley guided me through this journey to where I am today. I gained confidence; I believe in myself, I do what I love for a living. She was with me every step of the way without judgment. With her caring ways, generosity and practical guidance, she helped me move forward. I am forever grateful that I met Hayley”
“Thank you Hayley! My tween daughter attended the RESPECT WORKSHOP and was very engaged and stimulated. It gave her a safe and warm space in which to explore some important ideas about her emerging identity as a young woman. Highly Recommended”.
"Thank you Hayley for believing in me and guiding me, you have literally changed my life."
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