“I was not looking forward to another talk that my company had organized about Mental Health, yet I went anyway and was so happy I did. Hayley presented her talk in a down to earth and engaging way. She applied real life scenarios, stories and analogies to back up the theory of her topic of resilience. The hour presentation flew by and I walked out feeling like I had been injected with a dose of inspiration and motivation. She shared some very insightful and practical tools that I hope to implement on a daily basis”.
"Hayley did a great job - thanks! I love how Hayley was so passionate and compassionate about the subject and encouraging to all. Thank you!"
"Excellent presentation/ I will benefit greatly from it. It was very enjoyable and somewhat relaxing. I am so happy to have access to this for my family members as well." Richard
"Hayley’s passion is palpable. She does a great job presenting. I thought it was extremely informative and so on point for the current climate, techniques explained so well and easy to incorporate into everyday life."
"It was absolutely fantastic, and Hayley was amazing. It was full of ‘light-bulb’ moments for me, and has been a real turning point in my mental health working from home."
"Excellent seminar, excellent topics and way of presentation. Incredibly good presentation with useful tools and techniques. Thanks for the great examples, I will do them to learn how to relax. Thanks for this, I look forward to more such webinars."
"Hayley was a perfect presenter! She was concise; relevant and very articulate. I certainly needed to hear her thoughts! Very very concise! Loved it!!! Thankyou."
"Thank you for the excellent webinar today. I have recently lost my spouse and I have just returned to work after 7 months off. This webinar has helped me reframe my thoughts and I encouraged me to see that not all is negative in my new landscape. Thanks again. Is there a recording of this I can watch again?"
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