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"I came across Hayley by recommendation at a time when I was really struggling with my mental state, and with empathy and understanding, Hayley has coached and provided me with a goldmine of ideas, tools and insights that I am always referring back to.
My whole mindset shifted over the months I spoke to Hayley last year, and as a result this had a powerful effect on my behaviours and actions and how I handled myself. I always come away from sessions feeling lighter, positive and excited about the next step I want/need to take towards my goals, while being more compassionate towards myself.
Hayley has always listened with openness and non-judgment and has given me the warm, encouraging support and guidance I needed from day 1."
"My sessions with Hayley are like energetic recharges. I leave feeling not only understood, but lighter and inspired. Hayley has a natural way of creating a safe non-judgemental space where I feel heard and held. Since working with Hayley, I’ve overcome some fears and limiting beliefs, my confidence is growing and in turn so is my creativity. It’s a work in progress but I am so grateful to have a powerful woman like Hayley by my side, helping to nourish my soul, calm my mind and blossom my heart. "
“ I have spent many years suffering from anxiety. Finding the right therapist to help me through took time, but  as soon as I met Hayley I knew she was the perfect fit for me. She is an amazing listener, but it is her support that has truly helped me. Speaking to Hayley is a genuine safe space, I know I am not being judged, I always feel validated but I am also held accountable to myself. The skills learnt in Hayley’s space have been life changing and help me whenever I find myself facing a challenge. Whatever the issue, Hayley will always make the time to help me navigate a way through, and never judge whether or not is it important. If I feel it is important we will deal with it.  Whilst my anxiety may continue to rear its head, Hayley always helps me to remember that I can change my narrative and to have faith in myself. I couldn’t recommend her more.”
"Seeing Hayley has really helped through my journey of emotional healing. Before seeing Hayley I was very lost and had a very negative outlook on life. I was really struggling to believe in myself and my capabilities. Through Hayley’s help, I have now developed a newfound confidence to show up for myself and to not be afraid to be assertive. I can now make choices without the fear of failure holding me back and I am truly beginning to believe in myself. I love Hayley’s ideology and have learned so much, especially how to be more compassionate to myself. "
“ Hayley Mayer is truly incredible. She has offered practical, emotional and spiritual advice for living a more authentic existence and importantly, how to live through pain without struggle. Her guidance has not helped just me, but those around me. Hayley really listens to me with an intention to help. I can’t flaw her service and I am so grateful for all she has done for my wellbeing.”
“Thank you Hayley! My tween daughter attended the RESPECT WORKSHOP and was very engaged and stimulated. It gave her a safe and warm space in which to explore some important ideas about her emerging identity as a young woman. Highly Recommended”.
“I came to see Hayley through a friend who recommended her to me. I was suicidal and lost. I had nothing spiritually, emotionally or materialistically. Hayley guided me through this journey to where I am today. I gained confidence; I believe in myself, I do what I love for a living. She was with me every step of the way without judgment. With her caring ways, generosity and practical guidance, she helped me move forward. I am forever grateful that I met Hayley.”
“Hayley has been a blessing to my life. She has helped me to “stop drinking the poison” so to speak. She has helped me come to terms with being in control in only my action and reaction and not others. She has helped me learn my communication style and has helped me to become comfortable with starting difficult conversations that I previously avoided. Hayley has helped me immensely in the short time that I have been seeing her.”
"Thank you Hayley for believing in me and guiding me, you have literally changed my life."
“I have been seeing Hayley for over 6 months but it feels like I have known her for years. With her guidance and compassion I have been able to change my thought patterns and deal with the challenges in my life more calmly and see them through a different lens. Hayley never makes me feel judged nor scared but rather has taught me how to go into the world with confidence and resilience.”
“My 12 year old daughter Lily really enjoyed the RESPECT WORKSHOP and came away with some very important strategies that she has applied and immensely benefited from. I would highly recommend this course to any mother with pre-teen and teenage girls.”
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