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Selflessly Selfish

It is always interesting to reflect back on my ongoing journey to self-awareness. I am lucky I have the aid of copious amounts of journals that I have kept through the ages to help me track my perceptions and actions through life. There have been numerous shifts however, one of the most sedimented shifts that …

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Debunking the stigma of mental health

As a psychotherapist it is clear to me how much shame there is around mental health.  I often feel like my clients dirty secret when I hear comments like “My husband does not know I am seeing you” or “My mother does not know I am seeing someone”.   Is personal development really so wrong? The …

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Who Knows?

There is a Chinese Folk Tale about a poor farmer who had few possessions, but an old horse to till his fields.  One day, the horse escaped into the hills.  When the farmer’s neighbours came, they shook their heads, sympathizing with the old man, saying this was such bad luck.  However the farmer replied, “Bad …

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It was still a birth!

It was still a birth! I was 24 years old, newly married yet had been with my partner for many years, he was my high school sweetheart.  We were eager to take the next big step into parenthood and were incredibly excited about it, as was our extended family, as it would mean my parents …

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4 Ways to Help You Get Closure and Peace Over Broken Friendships

March 2015, Hayley Mayer Going from ‘Bff’s’ to ‘someone that you used to know” is one of the many painful things that a person can encounter. When I hear the one side of the story from girls who describe the demise of their friendship, with their once best friend – sister of the heart, to …

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5 Tips on How Parents can Help their Children Manage their Social Issues at School

Feb 20, 2015 by Archana Waller A major concern for students going back to school is social issues. Social issues include dealing with friendships, all forms of bullying, impact of media, appearance issues, romantic relationships, amongst others. While most children are able to weather the ups and downs of life with a sympathetic ear, and some …

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